We are The Employee Experience Company, and we create Happiness.
We guide our heroes, that’s you, leaders and champions of business, to improve Employee Happiness through managing the Employee Experience.


We are The Employee Experience Company, and we create Happiness.
We guide our heroes, that’s you, leaders and champions of business, to improve Employee Happiness through managing the Employee Experience.

So what is this fluffy Employee Experience (EX) bullshit?
Actually it is really important…

EX encapsulates all that humans encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey within your organization. A positive Employee Experience incubates happy employees, which not only builds a stronger work culture, but also impacts on your business performance! That sounds important, right?

EX Journey… the Road to Success.

Each step on the road to success forms part of the employee experience journey and is a critical pedal impacting business performance.

This is powerful stuff, with the potency to influence your organizations perceived brand and ultimately your bottom line. Humanity can help you to develop your Companies own EX Map to help you navigate this often tricky and daunting journey.

Happiness matters…

Happy employees are 20% more productive at work.

Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Unhappy employees take 15 more sick days each year than the average worker.

Research shows that the brain works better as a result of happiness.


Our approach to The Employee Experience is simple, accessible and intuitive.
We speak human, and it’s an ARTattraction, retention and transformation.

Attracting the best humans

Keeping humans happy

Reaching humans full potential

Want an expert take?

“Experiential organizations show more than 4 times the average profit and more than 2 times the average revenue [compared to companies ignoring EX].  They are also almost 25 percent smaller, which suggests higher levels of productivity and innovation.”

Jacob Morgan, Researcher and author of The Employee Experience Advantage

Recruitment for Humans.

This is the first critical step on the Employee Experience Road to Success. If Talent isn’t attracted to your Brand you have the 1st speed bump….

Engage our dynamically evolving Talent Acquisition Services, first class support and industry knowledge to fuel your growth engine with the best talent possible and help smooth out those speed bumps.

Recruitment for Humans can find you the best talent across the following disciplines:

Human Resources, Finance, IT, Operations, Marketing, Technical (hard to find skills) and Executive Leadership.

Looking for a job that makes you happy?

Building a career you actually give a sh*t about.
What a concept, right?
Humanity SA offers carefully researched opportunities and career support to get you to where you truly want to be.

Retention of Humans.

Keeping Humans Happy.

 “YAY! You mean employees will actually stay for longer?” 

The answer is simple… not always easy, but simple
– Drum Roll please…. Introducing EPIC!

EPIC– Employee Perceived Image of Company – is a totally innovative and FUN to use software system based in the cloud. It generates real-time actionable insights and data through continuous employee interaction; increasing employee engagement, productivity, employee satisfaction and retention.

Happy and engaged employees stay…. It is that simple.

The results are EPIC.

Don’t believe us? Believe our clients.

G2 Crowd


“We’ve been trying Clarity Wave for a little over a month and right away I can see changes in the overall culture.”

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“We have had a lot of adoption in our company. The price and model are pretty amazing. Its also really neat to see how the company and peers evaluate each other.”

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“We’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our company culture since we hired Clarity Wave. Our employee turnover has also dropped because people are more satisfied working in a company that really cares about them.”

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“Clarity Wave is very intuitive. Because it’s gamified it allows employees to interact in a fun way.”

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Think employees get tired of weekly surveys?

Not with EPIC they don’t. The average EPIC client has a participation rate between 64% and 86%…Every Single Week!



Transforming Humans.

Propelled by Lumina Spark Technology – Humanity helps your business reach its soaring potential through effective Team Dynamics, Leadership Development and Coaching programmes.

Team Dynamics

We customize the Team Dynamics Experience to your individual business.

Our model works through: Inclusion, Diversity, Vulnerability and Deepened Relationships

We use: 

  • Programs designed to challenge your team in multiple disciplines
  • Group coaching to facilitate conversation (anything BUT a sanctimonious lecture)

(Please enquire about our incredibly effective team experience days)

Leadership Development

Identified some key individuals to drive your vision?

We’ll expand their capacity to perform in leadership roles within the organization.

Our experience will

  • Build greater self and social awareness
  • Engage resonating leadership models and tools
  • Create more sustainable teams
Coaching & Mentorship

Don’t sleep on your potential!

Work with industry specific and individually matched coaches and mentors.

Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools supporting individuals, teams and organizations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line.

Unique amongst psychometric tools because it AVOIDS STEREOTYPING (hellooo progress!)

This highly interactive and colourful framework generates greater self-understanding and helps your team identify how to maximize their working relationships with each other.


Join Our Team.

Resonate with our Values?
Then come be a Guide in The Employee Experience Company.
Don’t be shy, we’re nearly normal 😉

You’ll feel like family, reclaim your childlike wonder, have bucket loads of fun, and actually wake up wanting to go to work every day…erm every weekday.

I mean, we create happiness for a living….

Send us a copy of your CV and a letter explaining why creating happiness means something to you.

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